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    Starlight Guest

    How to Install a Notebook HDD to Your XBox 360

    Here is a video on YouTube that shows the procedures on how to upgrade your XBox 360's external hard disk.


    You will void your warranty by doing this, so be 100 percent sure.

    Video is below, courtesy of Grim1873... Enjoy!

    3WR9inneEkA More PlayStation 3 News...

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    this proceder will not work by its self. the xbox 360 hdd's are signd and there for will not read just any hdd. there is a program called hdd hacker that can do the job i will post a link to a tutoral later. In short you can only use a 20 or 120 gb hdd and it has to be a western digital bevs hdd. You will also need an origonal 120gb xbox hdd that the security files can be dumped from. Ths hdd size is coded in to the ss file from micro$oft so useing an hdd bigger than 120gb will be a waste since the xbox will not use it the sss file can not be altered sither since it is singed.

    http://beta.ivancover.com/wiki/index..._Drive_Upgrade : Follow this guide to get a full upgrade with xbox 1 emulator

    http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/xbox360pc/...ddhackr091.rar : this is where you can find the specalistis tool. all credit for the swap goes to the specalist

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