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    bittoo2000nk Guest

    Question how does HD Loader actually work

    Hi Friends

    I am a newbee having no technical knowledge. I know that hd loader load PS2 hdd for playing games through HDD. But I have no idea how it works. can any body describe how does Hd Loader actually works ?


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    Starlight Guest
    Well basically the ps2 is like a computer and like a computer you have to have software to tell it what to do, you add the hardware ( ps2 network adapter, HDD ) like a pc, them a software like HD Advance tells the ps2 what to do.

    Like upon loading the HD Advance disc after you have turned on your ps2 that is it will send a command to power up the hdd of the ps2, and show the splash screen on your tv, then when you add a game to the hdd with HD Advance you choose install game and when done naming etc you take out HD Advance disc put in game disc and when ready you choose ok and it sends a command to the ps2 motherboard to copy this game to the destination which is the hdd, same when loading a game to play from the menu it will check the hdd to find game by command and then load game, this is basically how it works.

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    Kstate Guest
    Also, for some extra information..HD Advance has modes or methods. Some games will not work unless you have the right configuration. This can be set in the HD advance menu. Its a very nice program that lets you play without actually using the game. Saves laser, as well as loads a little faster. The number of games you can store depends on how big your hard drive is.

    There are also DVD-5 and DVD-9 games. 5 being less memory, and DVD-9 takes a lot more space.

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    epgpx Guest

    ok major question

    What does it mean when HD Loader "reads errors"? I'm trying to install a game that's compatible with HDLoader but every time i try to install it, about 45% in, it starts to read errors and warns me to discontinue installing the disc to the HDD or otherwise it won't work. What gives?

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    zaror1992 Guest
    i think by what you are telling that the game is scratched... btw you could try using another copy of your owned game.

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