Bushing and the rest of the crew over at Wii Brew have released the first public beta of the Wii Homebrew Channel. Once installed, the channel allows users to launch homebrew applications without the need of executing the Twilight Hack each time.

Downloads: Homebrew Channel Standalone ELF / Disc Image (USA) / Disc Image (EUR) / Disc Image (JAP)

The Homebrew Channel is a channel for launching Wii homebrew applications without the need to run the Twilight Hack first. It will list apps stored and organized on an SD card in a nice little GUI, which you can very easily customize with descriptions and shiny little .png icons all by yourself if you want.

You can also launch homebrew apps via TCP (with a correctly configured PC) or USB Gecko. Both of those built in options make it extremely convenient for testing out new code, as well as a general purpose homebrew launcher.

There are multiple ways to install the channel onto your Wii. The first and recommended method is to install a standalone ELF file by launching the Twilight Hack with a compatible copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

An alternative method which requires users to burn the channel to a disc is also available to those with a drive modification chip installed. If you choose the latter, make sure to download the disc image below that corresponds to your console's region.

Further installation and general usage instructions can be found in the included readme file.

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