Every once and awhile we post the milestone updates to uLoader, and today Hermes has updated uLoader for the Nintendo Wii console to version 5.0.

Download: uLoader v5.0 for Nintendo Wii / cIOS Installer (Port 1)

From the ReadMe file, v5.0 Changes:

- Improved cheats support allowing files with 4 chars ID for WiiWare and other things

- WDM file support (put it in folder sd:/ codes or usb:/ codes). You can use 3, 4 or 6 chars for the ID

- Added self-selection using 4 chars on the covers id for Wiiware and removed WiiWare title display when adding a PNG file as icon

Version 5.0 'Good Bye' (needs cIOS 222-223 v4 (from 3.0) at least. New v5.0 versions (IOS 37,38, 57 y 60 no merged). Use the cIOS installer included.

It support NAND emulation for saves, DLC, Wiiware/VC and others news things.

Thanks to ookheldaroo by uLoader icon

1) Copy "apps" folder to your SD

2) Launch cIOS 222 Installer aplicaction. Remenber you it is a different version to use with uLoader. You have the possibility to install cIOS 202 (homebrew), cIOS 222 (uloader) and cIOS 223 (uLoader Alternative)

NOTE: Now in the new installer you can select the IOS used to install the cIOS. You can use cIOS 3.0, but it includes news cIOS ('pure' IOS without merges) in the new installer 5.0

This cIOS donīt includes the ehcmodule or dip_plugin: it is loaded externally using the new dev/mload method and uses an IOS 38 base or 37 or 60 modules (merged with IOS 38 base)

3) Plug your USB device on port 0 (port 0 is down, port 1 is reserved for others USB devices working from OHCI module. You can use it as power supply for 2.5'' HDDs. (Rockband for example, needs IOS37 base merged with IOS38)

5) Run uLoader 5.0

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