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    Foo Guest

    Exclamation Help Stop Internet Policy - Take Action

    Well boy have I been in-active >.< I don't ask for much nor that you support this is any ways but on December 19th the ITU has scheduled for government leaders to meet in a closed door meeting about censorship and limited our freedom on the internet.

    This meeting does not just concern one country in particular, it is an international meeting which present will be leaders who have already brought censorship into their countries. New treaties and laws could be made to allow censorship in YOUR country and there is absolutely nothing you can do about because it a government only meeting.

    The people have absolutely no say what so ever in this. Imagine if one day you came home from work, school, or wherever you are and the only channels on your TV were news. No HBO, no Startz, no Fox or TBS. And you as an individual had no idea it was coming. That is what could potentially happen to our world.

    This could affect sites you use daily such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and every website on the web.

    Again, whether you want to do anything or not is up to you, I only ask that you do:


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    boxbundy Guest
    done. If more people knew the truth about commerce law and stuck up for themselves the world would be a better place.

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