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    Foo Guest

    Hardcore Music Discussion

    Hardcore isn't the most popular type of music and I come to find that not very many people like it so I want to know who here does and who they like

    I myself like Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle, Nu Rave, and Speedcore.

    Among my favorite artist consist:

    Nu Foundation
    Alex Tune

    That's just a small portion of my favorites so now I'm interested in what is yours!

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    technodon Guest

    Big Grin

    i like spanish techno (makina), italian dance and german trance records. been to quite a few raves before, hangar 13 and the new monkey. some videos and audio of these events on youtube

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    Foo Guest
    Italians do make some good music Though I've never quite heard of Makina nor have I listened to any German Trance, yet just from Googling both of them I seem to be missing out

    I've never been to a rave, not even a concert , everything is so age restricted now but thanks for sharing man

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    slarty1408 Guest

    Thumbs Down

    When it comes to hardcore its all about Dj Gammer the number #1 UK hardcore dj


    hard dance / hard house / bounce =

    tom parr soundcloud.com/tomparr
    kye shand soundcloud.com/search?q[fulltext]=kye+shand
    SQ beatport.com/artist/sq/43139 on the right hand side
    Andy whitby soundcloud.com/andywhitby
    klubfiller soundcloud.com/klubfiller
    steve o brady.....RIP...
    Wain Johnstone

    hardstyle.... gota be all about Gaz west aka dark by design (darkbydesign.co.uk)

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    Foo Guest
    I've heard Klubfiller before I like him a lot but the rest I've never heard of

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