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    Starlight Guest

    Happy Birthday Solid Snake, 22 Years of Solo Infiltration

    On July 12th, in 1987 everybody's favorite stealth man Solid Snake debuted with the Japanese release of Metal Gear for the MSX2 computer platform.

    He and the game that started it all can now celebrate their 22nd birthday.

    To quote: Since then, Hideo Kojima's game has turned into a mega-franchise, with releases on computer platforms, NES, all three generations of the Playstation, PSP and even the Xbox 360.

    Not to mention several spin-off games for mobile platforms; even the GameCube played host to MGS in the form of The Twin Snakes.

    Solid Snake even made an appearance on the Wii with his inclusion into Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    With all four core MGS games scoring well into the 90's on MetaCritic, it's clear that the innovative gameplay coupled with the intriguing and often intense storyline have propelled the series to the critical acclaim it has reached.

    If you consider the approximate 26.5 million units moved for the overall franchise, you could make the case that it's pretty popular too.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I have one thing you say in honor of Metal gear. It's a Quote from almost every single game. Well... Actually every single game. Big boss said it in portable ops and MGS3, and Solid snake said it in every other game the same exact way.

    Ahem.... METAL GEAR?

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    I totally missed this game back in the day, lol.... It would not have been my style anyway as I'd looked at the cover and passed sad to say. But I did find myself playing MSG1 as I got it for Christmas 1998. Started the next day infact and the rest is history.

    Back when that game came out. I was to much into Zelda ( 1 ), Megaman's, Dragon Warrior, Mike T's punch out for the NES console.

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    nickiidx Guest
    I too missed out on his earlier NES adventures as the cover art resembled Kyle Reese from Terminator. So I bought Rambo instead. Lame. Regardless, so far every MGS game has been good; including the one for Game Boy Color.

    Without being a spoiler, I'm willing to bet that anyone that has played the MGS series, regardless of personal opinion regarding the 4th game, is generally happy to have gone through the whole adventure. The memories and feelings it invokes as you play through the games is not always matched in video games. (Yes, I do know that games don't have to have an emotional punch to be enjoyable!) ^_^

    Gracias Snake!

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