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    Pantera1222 Guest

    Guitar Hero World Tour freezes on HD

    Hey everyone.. what is the right combination, if any, I should set for GH World Tour on ps2 on the hdd. I have HD advance. I tried option 2 and 3 together and none so far.. it still freezes after a while. Any have any problems? Thanks.

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    Muyfa666 Guest
    What version of HD Advance are you using?

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    warrior420 Guest
    i have the newest version, from the disc and it freezes for me too, always on a loading screen.

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    ntt Guest
    Any news on how to get this working?

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    idone Guest
    With HDL on my ps2 GH3 (i think was the version) would freeze in the opening cut scene's if i didnt press x or start to bypass them...

    Not sure where you're experiencing the freezing at or not.

    Let me know where its freezing and i will try to get back to you.
    And it would be good to know if it is freezing for all of you at the same place.

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    Pantera1222 Guest
    This works fine for me.. I noticed that when mine first was freezing.. It only copied half the disc.. the disc size should be 7 to 8 gigs large. If it shows up as only like 4 gigs then only half the game was copied. I also used mode 1 and 3. No freezes at all. Espcially if it freezes at Tool's songs then it is only half the game because that is when the Dual layer kicks in.

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