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    JennerBaby Guest

    Unhappy Guitar Hero problems

    Hi everyone,

    I have Guitar hero 3 legends of rock for PC, when the PC and the game was brand new there were no problems, but now the game has started lagging whenever the camera is zoomed in on the band-members, I tried installing vista several times, but it did not work, I tried windows 7, but no luck either. Then I tried XP, and there it worked, but I would rather use windows 7. Does anyone have any idea why this is?

    My system: radeon HD 4870, Intel core 2 3.0Ghz 4 GB ram.

    Any ideas are appreciated..

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    YzMENTALzY Guest


    Maybe its your disc unless its downloaded, but it can be disc problem.. try checking if it has any scratches or anything. Too much play does scratch up the disc.

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    JennerBaby Guest


    I dont think it's that, cause i have tried the disc but also a downloaded ISO-file, and I still have the same problem.

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    DrkStr1976 Guest
    It might be that Windows XP uses DirectX 10, while Vista and Windows7 use DirectX 11. Have you downloaded the 1.1 patch? It will allow you to adjust the graphic settings (and a whole lot more). Just google for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock v1.1 Patch

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    JennerBaby Guest


    Maybe.. well I have downloaded the patch, but I haven't installed it. I don't think its the grapichs, because I have changed them from the highest to the lowest, with no difference.

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    pogojr23 Guest


    The data could have gotten corrupted when saving.. try uninstalling then reinstall it.

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    tensai7 Guest

    Question Guitar Hero custom problems

    I've read about custom GH song, but I still have a problem on it. 1st, I can't get all the needed requirements which are GHero Utils, Apache 2, and vDVD Decrypter/Nero/Alcohol/Any other ISO burning software.

    Then the next problem is my pc cannot install the Anvil Studio (for making in MIDI) and FeedBack 0.97b for making the frets & notes. How should I do with these?

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