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    cfwprophet Guest

    Post Guide: How to get New Super Mario Bros. Wii working on USB Loaders!!

    For a few days the first New Super Mario Bros. Wii image hit the Web.But it wasnt play able.Some kind of new copy protection?We believe so.Anyway since yesterday a patched main.dol is available wich i got mine from GO4DIE.

    He have made some comparison to older main.dolīs from other games and have found a diff that in every other main.dol will be the same.So he simply patched the Value from 0x1ab750-0x1ab753 -> 4e 80 00 20 and got NSMBW booting via USB Loaders.It works great without any hangs.Have played the game nearly a whole day and haved a lot of fun

    Now i want to share the patched main.dol with you along with a tut to get it working.

    First download the main.rar attached in this thread.Then you will need a copy of NSMBW and the Tool Trucha Signer.Extract the main.rar to your desktop and open Trucha Signer.Right after that open the image with it.Klick on the + beside the disc, than the + on the partition and the file tree will open, klick on the third + and right klick on the main.dol and select replace.

    Navigate to your extracted main.dol and klick on it.

    After successfull replacing you need to resign the ISO before you can burn it and have fun with it.Right klick on the partition and resign it with the command "Trucha Sign It"

    Now you can burn your patched New Super Mario Bros. Wii and have fun with one of the greatesd side scroll jump and runs that would ever be released

    Big THX and Credits to GO4DIE for the good work and the patched main.dol.

    FlatMii New Super Mario Brothers Fix: Users of FlatMii looking to play their legal backup of New Super Mario Brothers should download the latest software. You should then be able to boot an unpatched ISO of the game!

    Flatmod BCA Editor v1.0: Flatmod BCA ISO editor for Windows. Patches the selected ISO for Flatmod with BCA data of your choosing.

    Wasabi NSMB Patcher BCAFix: Wasabi BCA Windows patcher for NSMB backup. BCA patcher for NSMB backup (make sure you upgrade to 3.0)

    EmuChips like the FlatMii or the upcoming WODE are the only Modchips that work on the new Drive with missing/embedded Wii Chip set

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    GO4DIE Guest
    Thanks for posting my patched main.dol.

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    jaipee Guest

    Thumbs Up thanks guys

    hey 1st reply.. i can say this actually works.. ive been trying for hours to get this game to work on usb loaders and disks, but this method is foolproof!! worked first time and was easy to do..

    i was also wondering.. does this method work for other games that i WAS getting the same error for?.. for example.. mario and sonic at the winter olympic games works on usb loader, but when i go to burn it, it doesnt work.. the disk channel says cannot be read? this has happend to like 40% of my games.. do you think if i trucha sign the partition it will work when i burn it? or will i need a main.dol for the specefic game? or will the one you provided work?

    cheers thanks in advance

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    jasonburnes Guest

    burn it or usb loader?

    Does this hack require you to burn the iso to a disk or can you use a usb loader? Or does it just not matter which you choose?

    I can read the thread title, but first post says to burn it... maybe I'm just not up on the lingo...

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    chevy04black Guest
    hello guys, i use the waniko i think lol usb loader i copied the game using a rented copy to my hardrive i have like 50 games on there so i know it works but im getting an error. so with this method do i need to just use the rented copy to get the iso file and patch that... then burn and use the burned copy in the wii to save to harddive? thanks!

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    Pretikewl Guest
    When trying to use this method, I keep getting an error message.

    "Error decrypting data"

    Everytime I try to open the image with Trucha Signer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post
    When trying to use this method, I keep getting an error message.

    "Error decrypting data"

    Everytime I try to open the image with Trucha Signer.
    Weird there's no edit button for my post

    I found the problem of the error, you have to select CustomKeySet 1 to get it to work.

    However, the NTSC version of this game is out now, and this method doesn't seem to work with it, since the main.dol file provided is larger than the one that exsists in the image. Trucha Signer won't allow it to be replaced because of this.

    If we could get an NTSC version of the main.dol that would be great

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    iesuck Guest

    file size error

    Same problem here too. I just got the NTSC version today (11/15), ripped it as iso then opened it with Trusha. But, my main.dol file size is different than the one on this website. Trusha will not update different file size. My file size is 3491808, is there another one out there for me to update?

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    iesuck Guest

    NTSC fix

    Attached is the main.dol fix for NTSC i found online. It worked when using Wiiflow USB Loader

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    juggalo4894 Guest
    Thanks a ton for the NTSC Fix dude you rock!!!

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    drunkenmonky Guest
    Thank you so much.. SMB is such a great Game!

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