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    Apr 2005

    Guide: Convert XBox Live Arcade Demo to Full for 360 Homebrew

    With the recent XBox 360 freeBOOT v0.02 and XBReboot v0.05 releases comes more progress today.

    Surazal has revealed that the difference between a demo and full XBox Live Arcade game is only a few hex-edit away, as follows:

    - Arcade Demo to Full Converter (ADFC) v0.1 is the Xbox 360 Arcade Demo to Full Converter.
    - Yaris-Swap v0.02 is a program that will patch any Xbox360 arcade game or downloadable content from a trial version to the full version.
    - Find a copy of Yaris (this game was chosen as it runs everywhere as full).
    - Open the pirs file in your favorite hex editor (filename was FB9310B8893A3FD01C443A29AC246493393E399558 )
    - Copy everything from 0x22C to 0x25F inclusive.
    - Shown as selected on this image below (guess you don't need to find Yaris if you want to just copy the values highlighted).
    - Open your destination (in my case Castle Crashers filename: F9432A7FE407A3C196C95D0FFD4A540937FD4EEC58) select 0x22C, and paste (overwrite, not insert). File size should NOT change.
    - Now you can burn the game to a cd. Fails to load from the HDD so far.

    Example for Castle Crashers the path on the CD would be (other games should go in the folder you copied them from):


    The CD should show as Mixed Mode disc when inserted into the 360 You can find the games in the Games Library (where normal arcade games go).

    Your edited file should now run as a full version on XBR_1. Tested so far With Castle Crashers and UNO both were downloaded on a different console with a different gamertag.

    Have fun. I imagine this will probably work for DLC as well but have not tried it yet. Still playing around.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    semitope Guest
    wow... and STILL nothing for the ps3. I wish the securities were reversed. This is pretty cool though i hope it's not abused.

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    bluetba Guest
    I was only saying the other day about how I loved the fact you can download trials of the arcade games before buying on the 360 - guess those days will be gone soon. It will end up like the ps3 where you have to buy them just to try them.

    There are a lot of smaller game developers out there who will really miss out because ms do not like to give anything for free and so will just remove it.

    I appreciate that at the moment its not something that just anyone can do but it wont be long.

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    JeffJ Guest
    Some one upload a copy of Yaris?

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    victorinox Guest

    what are you talking about? a lot of psn titles have demos... and get them over time like FP

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    idone Guest
    JeffJ all that was needed from that game was what is highlighted in blue in the hex shot above... you won't need a copy of it.

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    JeffJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by idone View Post
    JeffJ all that was needed from that game was what is highlighted in blue in the hex shot above... you won't need a copy of it.
    derrr, thanks i didn't even clue in lol

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    Nairb Guest
    This is actually good news for games on the PS3. This could mean more developers will be more likely to make PS3 exclusive titles instead of X-box.

    Should teach Microsoft a lesson and not be so darn greedy.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Hi would it be possible to have the 360 play games installed onto the HDD without disk in the drive ? Or even install ISO's directly to the HDD form your PC ?

    How extlay do I extract games & DLC from the 360 ?

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    spark32 Guest
    A few questions.

    1. Can you get banned from Xbox Live?

    2. Is there an easy way to either
    a) Download pre-hexed demos on my PC?
    b) Download any demo on my PC?

    3. Easy way to take demos off of my 360 (without like cracking open the hard drive anc connecting it to my PC).

    Thanks to anyone who helps.

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