Rockstar sent out an email this evening to all those in the UK scheduled to receive their copies of GTA IV this week, asking them to provide information on which platform they'd prefer to play on and their online IDs.

The email's published in full below:

Hi there,

The good news is we are planning to send out your copy of GTA IV tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd April, to be with you first thing on Thursday 24th, so the wait is almost over.

In order for us to do that, could you:

- Let us know which format you would prefer to receive the game on?
- Let us know your Gamertag, if the answer to the above is Xbox 360 or your PSN On Line ID if the answer is PS3.

Why we need to know.

Xbox 360 Version

We need your Gamertag because Microsoft will be helping Rockstar Games monitor access to the online modes up to release date. Because of this, we will need to add your Gamertag to the approved list of gamers who can play online prior to release.

In addition to supplying this information, if you do intend to go online before April 29th, you will need to change a couple of the basic settings on your Xbox 360 and keep these settings like this till the game comes out, otherwise other people will be able to see your achievements list for GTA IV (even if you are playing another game) and we'd like to keep that information back for the fans.

You will have to switch your profile to private and appear off line. We have attached a document that explains exactly how you do this just in case.

PS3 Version

There are no privacy settings that can be set on the PS3 but we will still be tracking who is going on line so again it will make it easier for us to identify you as a genuine user if we have your ID.

Thanks and enjoy the game!

As the mail says, a document was attached which details how to change Xbox 360's privacy settings for every Gamertag to be used to play the game online before April 29. We're not going to publish it for obvious reasons.

So, if you're working in Game in Hartlepool and you fancy a quick waz on that copy you nicked last night, you're likely to get the internet police all over your butt if you try it while you're connected to Live. You've been warned.

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