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    pauliux963 Guest

    GTA 5 Trailer is coming! (Official)

    I can't wait till the trailer out!! Here's the countdown and its official - rockstargames.com/videos/video/8001

  2. #2
    Mantagtj Guest
    Oh yesh m8 cant wait for the trailer, lol, and I want the game LOL, can wait, cant wait <--- trying to hold excitement!!!

  3. #3
    shinintendo Guest
    I didn't finished gta 4, so I won't hold my breath

  4. #4
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I was going to post this, but I didn't see a point in posting news about a countdown for a trailer. I think it's a bit too early for GTA 5, it would have been better if they released more games for the GTA 4 series first like they did with the GTA 3 series. All recent GTA games have been based in Liberty city, so my guess is that GTA 5 will probably be in San Andres or Vice city.

  5. #5
    Mbb Guest
    Mayby the game wont be call Grand Theft Auto V, with Rockstar always expect the unexpected, like a announcement on October 25th, stupid date right?

    Thats why i'm also looking forward to the first trailer, you can't even imagine what is gonna be

  6. #6
    JW117 Guest
    you can pre order here: amazon.com/gp/product/B0050SXKU4/

  7. #7
    chr15m Guest
    trailer is available soon


  8. #8
    pauliux963 Guest
    Umm, Maybe thats what I posted?

  9. #9
    chr15m Guest
    4.00 pm G.M.T, to be specific. l.o.l sorry just getting excited

  10. #10
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    And now it's here, a video 1:24 min. length. Have fun.


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