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    Grand Theft Auto IV PC In-Game Editor Video Clips Available

    Rockstar have released some video clips they made with GTA IV's in-game video editor, available only in the PC version.

    Gamers will be able to upload their creations to the Rockstar Games Social Club. The game is set for release in the US on December 2 and in Europe on December 3.

    Video clips below!

    Niko vs. Niko



    The Peeper
    14269673&downloadURL=http://pcmovies.ign.com/pc/video/article/931/931513/gta_Peeper_111808_flvlowwide.flv More PlayStation 3 News...

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    revoo Guest
    would this be something a la Unreal? where you can make mods on the pc and play said mods on the ps3? that would be awesome!

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    sega Guest
    GTA3:SA had a gameplay recorder but it was absolutely terrible. It would be missing effects, have bad timing, etc... I don't yet own GTA4 for a console, and I didn't even consider buying the PC version until hearing about this. This'll be the one I buy.

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