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    Takavach Guest

    GDC 2009: Developers' Choice Video Game Awards

    Tawkn is liveblogging the awards to let you know who won as soon as they've won.

    So far:

    Best New Debut: LittleBigPlanet
    Beating out Braid, Sins of a Solar Empire, World of Goo and Soul Bubbles

    Best Audio: Dead Space
    Beating out L4D, MGS4, Gears of War 2

    Best Game Design: LittleBigPlanet
    Beating out Fallout 3, L4D, Braid and Far Cry 2

    Best Downloadable Game: World of Goo
    Beating out Braid, N+, PixelJunk Eden, Castle Crashers

    Best Handheld Game: God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Beating out Patapon, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, echochrome, The World Ends With You

    Ambassador Award: Tommy Tallarico

    Best Writing Award: Fallout 3
    Beating out Braid, MGS4, GTAIV and Far Cry 2

    Best Technology Award: LittleBigPlanet
    Beating out Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, GTAIV and Spore

    Best Visual Art Award: Prince of Persia
    Beating out LittleBigPlanet, Gears of War 2, MGS4 and Fallout 3

    Pioneer Award: Harmonix's Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy

    Innovation Award: LittleBigPlanet
    Beating out Spore, World of Goo, Boom Blox, Braid

    Life Time Acheivement Award: Hideo Kojima


    If you wish to play the most winners... PS3 plays 4 of the winners (1 exclusive 3 shared), 360 plays 3 of them (all shared), Wii plays 1 of them (shared with PC), PSP plays 1 exclusive and DS was shut out.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    How the hell did Fallout 3 beat MGS4 in the best writing category.....?

    The voice acting was horrible, and the writing was bland. That's my biggest complaint with fallout 3. It was pretty fun although short for it's type of game. On MGS4 I thought the game was short, but the writing was superb. I don't even know why it was in the category.

    Maybe I'm misunderstand the category... Was this about the story? The way it's told? Or which developer has the best hand writing?

    I don't see how a game where the main story is about you growing up in a vault, leaving, trying to find your dad, discovering he may have a way to purify water, and helping him meanwhile avoiding the bad guys. Is a better story then,

    The world is being controlled by 5 AI's all of which control Nanomachines that interim control war it self, at the same time a man try's to throw the world into chaos, Meanwhile the main character's body is degenerating and has these Nanomachines in his own body which are producing a virus that may one day kill everyone near him. Oh and did I mention he's a clone....

    Maybe it's because I played the other ones first, but MGS4 should still be considered better then FO3 in storyline.

    But like I said maybe I'm confused.

    (Note: I meant I didn't even know why Fallout 3 was even in the running. Then Again I didn't understand FarCry 2 either.)

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    Veritech Guest
    I hear you %100 on that Cyan. I really dislike awards, they always seemed to be either biased or without enough thought put into them. Belive me Fallout3 was a great game don't get me wrong but story wise it has nothing at all on MGS4.

    I also believe that Little Big Planet as a game is getting much more credit than its due. It really seems all this hype is just about trying to put out Sackboy as some type of Sony poster child to gain a new audience to there console. Now don't get me wrong Little Big Planet is a fun and creative game, I just don't believe it should completely overshine alot of other really good titles that are pushed aside because there games and not a gimmick tool.

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