Its not a secret that homebrew is a good hardware seller and if a company does not want us to have it then hackers and coders will have a hard life.

But what happens if all goes too quick as we can see on the Wii for now, but here are the findings from Garyopa:

To quote: There has been some recent changes in the current batch of Wii's from Nintendo.

Most of them seem to be in the LU64 serial number lot, and reports of them start around the last week in March, and so far there is alot of different theory's on what Nintendo changed, but it seems that almost all attempts of SoftMODing these Wii's have been killed.

All tho, the menu still shows that it is running on v3.4, and you can infact run the Twillight Hawk using Zelda, and successfully install the Homebrew Channel, and even install the IOS16 using WAD Manager, and even install the cIOS249 WAD using the WAD Manager v1.3, after that any more playing around with the NAND seems to be left with users just staring at a black screen with no output on why is wrong. The famous IOS downgraders, just black out, as all backup loaders and channels and the famous SoftMII and SoftCHIP programs just halt dead once the "cIOS249" is installed.

Most theories are pointing to that 249SLOT as been blocked by Nintendo, and that cIOS has to be written to use another slot, and then the other apps that call cIOS to call it in the new slot.

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