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    GameStop CEO Expecting PS3 and Wii Price Cuts in Q3 2009

    The CEO of GameStop Dan DeMatteo is expecting price cuts for both Sony's PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.

    He noted that right now the price of hardware is just too high in the economic market, and manufacturers will need to reduce the RRP of console if they are to meet sales forecasts similar to what another analyst recently stated.

    To quote: "That assumes that there will be price cuts on the PS3 and potentially one on the Wii," offered DeMatteo, although he admitted that "it's hard to tell if we actually need a price cut on the Wii to get to our numbers. There are some price cuts built into that assumption, but not until the third quarter."

    DeMatteo said the price of hardware was too high in the current economic market, and format-holders will need to reduce the RRP of consoles in order to meet their current sales forecasts.

    "The hardware price points, given this economic environment are potentially too high, and if the platform holders are going to make the numbers that they forecasted for the year, those prices would have to change."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    shummyr Guest
    this will be good cheaper consoles means more people can afford them and more good game

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    hotd54me Guest


    no offense, but it's about damn time. People don't want to pay 400 dollars on a system when they can get a cheaper system and get the same games.

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    MMBtalk Guest

    Price cut for PS3 and Wii

    The current PS3 price is unconvincing, but surely Sony are to blame because they are way too slow in making some of the advantages become widely available. Why is the PlayTv confined to Europe? Why did Afrika only stay in Japan? This might just be the things that really interest casual gamers who want something beyond a gaming machine.

    Why hasn't sony teamed up with Nokia to establish easy connectivity between their system and mobiles. Excellent piece of hardware but the lag has cost them dear. Xbox is already expected to take a big leap in to 'wii-motion'!

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    They have been rumoring a price cut for awhile now. In this economy idk you can cut the price, but then you may lose even more money so this is almost as hard to predict as Kojima is. And the Wii will not price cut.

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    devs718 Guest
    the price for the 80gb system is supose to drop anywhere from 50.00 to 100.00 bucks still kind of steep for those who dont have that kind of cash but you can always wait at your nearest gamestop for someone to trade in theres foe the meesly 140.00 store cedit and offer them cash lol.

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