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    GameStop CEO: Discouraging Resales Hurts The Consumer Too

    GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo has warned video game publishers that measures they maybe considering to discourage the sale of used games will "eventually get the consumer upset, as well as GameStop."

    DeMatteo says that when a consumer decides to buy a game, they take into account that it will have a "residual value" of $20 which they can retrieve with a trade-in.

    DeMatteo then says that gamers will then use their trade-in credits on new games which leads to better sales for publishers anyway.

    To quote: "Also, we will give out approximately $800 million in credits this year -- trade-in credits that will go toward the purchase of new video games.

    The consumer, oftentimes and especially now, needs that residual value from those games as a trade-in to be able to afford a new video game." More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I never sell my games. I know I will most likely never play them again. However I keep them as a sort of.... I just keep them.

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    shockwave7762 Guest

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    so... simplified, this guy wants to cease the commerce of used games. aka (the electronic bartering system)

    sounds like a prick 2 me. more often then not, those trade in instances are the only reasonable means to afford a new (expensive) piece of media that might only contain a couple of hours worth of entertainment (RipOff)

    bad enough the gaming industry itself in some manners rip us off.. now this idiot wants to "Apply.... Pressure to that economic wound

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    Ovan Guest
    I will only give him my games if he will give me all this $800 million xD.

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