Small and independent developers can now access advanced GameSpy technology, with the first title from the program being Buccaneer by Blitz Games.

Press Release: SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 27, 2009 - GameSpy Technology, the video game industry's leading provider of online gaming services, today announced the availability of a new pilot program, GameSpy Indie, designed to support independent game developers and advance innovation in online-enabled gaming across the industry.

In conjunction with the launch, Blitz Games Studios announced that the first game from the new program - Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy, developed by Stickman Studios - will be released next week.

Through this new program, GameSpy Technology is now being made available to smaller developers that can benefit from high value online services but may have been prohibited in the past due to resource or implementation barriers. The program expands the reach of GameSpy's industry-leading suite of technologies and services, which are available for every existing gaming platform.

"At GameSpy, we are committed to advancing innovation in online and connected play within the gaming industry," said Jamie Berger, SVP Consumer Products and Technology, GameSpy Technology. "This means that we not only work to ensure that our technology is cutting edge, but that we also demonstrate a commitment to supporting independent developers and publishers - like Stickman Studios and Blitz Games Studios - who are driving innovation and pushing the industry forward on PC and Consoles. Our new program gives those industry pioneers the professional online technology, services, and support that they need to make their games successful."

The first game to launch from the new program, Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy, is an adventure game in which players control a variety of pirate ships and plunder their way through a 56 mission, non-linear campaign, going head to head against other cut-throats online. Buccaneer employs a simple and intuitive control system, allowing players to jump straight into the action and begin their career in piracy.

The game was initially released in 2008 with limited online features. Working with GameSpy, Stickman Studios has added a more in-depth multiplayer dimension to the game. With the recent updates to GameSpy's matchmaking services, setting up and joining those multiplayer matches is now easier than ever. The game also uses GameSpy's ownership authentication and patching services to help players keep their game up to date, no matter where they decide to install and play it.

"GameSpy Technology played a significant role in the development of some of Buccaneer's most exciting features, enabling fierce multiplayer warfare and seamless matchmaking," said Chris Swan, Business Development Director, Blitz Arcade. "The team at GameSpy Technology was amazingly helpful and great to work with, and the technology was very easy to integrate. GameSpy Technology helped us to provide the most exciting in-game experience possible for today's sophisticated gamers."

On March 27, Buccaneer will be available for purchase at 50% off at and other retailers for $9.99, and will be available for demonstration at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, at the GameSpy Technology Booth (#5621) and the Garage Games booth (#6240).

GameSpy Technology offers powerful, innovative products for all aspects of the online experience, including true multi-platform support across eight different platforms, source code for all online services, and dedicated developer support and professional services teams. Access to GameSpy Technology will give independent developers new revenue-building opportunities and the tools to improve gamers' overall experience through innovative community-building features.

Updates to GameSpy Technology were announced this week and include features designed to better enable enhanced commerce, community and connectivity features. Full details about the upgrades are available at

Independent developers and studios interested in learning more about working with GameSpy Technology can contact Scott Cruickshank at [email protected] or visit

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