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    Takavach Guest

    Gamers Turn to Piracy and Boycotting Efforts Against Activision

    With the recent (very understandable) anger with Activision and their CEO Bobby Kotick over the company's seemingly callous and arrogant stance lately toward gamers, and even other companies, gamers are in the process of figuring out how to make their statement.

    The obvious choice would be the boycott that is beginning to make headway. But such things are only as reliable as the honor of the person who agrees. Someone who is angry now, might not be as angry a few months from now when his buddies are playing Modern Warfare 2 or Guitar Hero 5 and he isn't.

    For those who are angry but plan to play Activision's games anyway, it seems that their plan of attack is piracy. Below are some things to keep in mind if your plans include going this route, to quote:

    All over the message boards of the gaming community, in private conversations, and the like, apparently this is the intent of many.

    Activision is a business, and a business as its bottom line is to make as much profit as possible.

    Part of making as much profit as possible obviously includes not enraging your customers to stand against you. And obviously Activision is currently losing their way a bit in that department. But they are not commiting any crimes.

    You on the other hand, through piracy, would be commiting a crime. As a statement to the gaming industry that Gamers will not stand for what we see as undue price hikes, we would steal?

    Instead of exploring the reasons for why people should buy the Activision games in question, explore the reasons why people shouldn't. Find the alternatives that will take the sting out of not playing and make them well known.

    In short, reward the companies that are doing right by gamers by using your influence through word of mouth (invaluable in gaming) to inform others about.

    Leaving (at least until they get their act together) companies like Activision to dwell in their imaginary world where they can treat people however they want and not expect due response.

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    mrgreaper Guest
    if a game was stolen this would be *theft

    *The actus reus of theft is usually defined as an unauthorised taking, keeping or using of another's property which must be accompanied by a mens rea of dishonesty and/or the intent to permanently deprive the owner or the person with rightful possession of that property or its use.

    if a game was pirated it would be copyied

    the difference, if i walked into game and grabbed a game and ran off that is stealing or theft

    if i copy a game that is duplication and piracy but NOT stealing

    calling it stealing is a media spin to make it sound worse then it is, ok you can say but your taking revenue away by stealing a game you would of brought in the most cases i dont think thats right. back when i owned a spectrum (the last time i embarked on a life of crime as a software pirate armed with my friends games some blank tapes and no clue it was illegal) i used to duplicate any tape i could get hold of, i certainly didnt have any money(i was only 7ish)

    i dont condune piracy though i can see how it could be effective to stop the gaming industry from charging the riduculus prices they do now and get smug gits who want to raise the cost further to think again but stop using the word steal its just wrong

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    semitope Guest
    ^ what he said.. well, except the part about not-condoning it. GO PIRATES !!!

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    siacotos Guest
    I believe gamers and citizens should use every means they have at their disposal to convey their displeasure to the people that govern their lives. GO PIRATES!

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    zmeul80 Guest
    activision is just a publisher, piracy will hurt devs too; like IW.

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    otarumx Guest
    Since people are talking about doing some nebulously legal stuff they could instead of resorting to piracy or in addition to, make some demonstrations in front of Activision's HQ to show them our displeassure and stop buying games but in a more general sense since most people will buy their games day one even if they feel that they are overcharging thus fueling Kotick's dumb ideas about pricing and peripheral mongering.

    Unfortunately the gaming "community" are not very organized and will most likely sell their souls than wait to buy MW2 for example. So, in the end unless we learn to band together we deserve every raise and mistreatment coming our way.

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    ichibaka Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zmeul80 View Post
    activision is just a publisher, piracy will hurt devs too; like IW.
    tell that to piratebay..

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    Okiri Guest
    I think half of the gaming community doesnt even know who this guy is or what is he trying to do, making a stand in front of their HQ will definetly not lower their sales... We got to make sure their HQ is rigged with bombs and blow up the whole place!!!!

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    Recorator Guest
    I don't condone piracy but this guy is ajoke and talking crap!!! If this was the price of the games imagine the price of the console. Me I wouldn't purchase the console or the games until someone hacked it to play backups and I would never play an original for fear of scratching the game.

    I think this guy is a joke and attempting to exploit loyal customers. Well I say fook Bobby Kotick and anyone in the industry that ignores the fact that most gamers aren't millionares... Sorry for the rant.

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    MaDLeB Guest
    Drop the price for the games and nobody will pirate games... who wants to pay for a game cost 79$ +tax when it should be 30$ !

    Dam if i wanna buy 2 games its like buying a new console + 99% of the games today i wont pay 1$ for it lousy gameplay no story and 1940 graphic.

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