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    Nubby Guest

    GameFriends: Gamer Social Network Launches

    GameFriends is a new social network for gamers and the virtual worlds. It offers free MMO MMORPG guild clan Web site hosting for the online gaming community.

    GameFriends' mission is to become the biggest Gamer Social Network, bringing together new and old friends through video games.

    Working with video game related Web sites, GameFriends provides its members with the best content from around the Web.

    Driven by its dedicated memberbase, GameFriends shares 100% of all its user generated revenue with its members.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I personally use playfire, So i don't really feel like signing up for a new site right now.

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    tilla Guest
    This site is a bit too late indeed, Playfire offers a better bigger network with more features already.

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