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    Apr 2005

    GameCube Backup Launcher v0.2 for Nintendo Wii Released!

    Today WiiGator has updated his GameCube Backup Launcher to version 0.2 for the Nintendo Wii console.

    Download: GameCube Backup Launcher v0.2 for Wii / GameCube Backup Launcher v0.2 for Wii [Mirror]

    Changes in 0.2:
    - Increased speed of reloader
    - Fixed bug in games like PokeMon XD (Game is protected against hacks)
    - Increased speed of audio fix stuff
    - Allow to select to start disc itself when using a multi game disc
    - Avoid green screen when starting a game (button A)
    - Disc change support on startup screen
    - Disc change supported for all start methods
    - Fixed Kirby's Air Ride
    - Fixed non working PAL games on PAL console, when pressing B (e.g. Wario World)
    - Support for Freeloader
    - Support for Action Replay
    - The loader will change the screen format in Wii mode to the screen format of the disc inserted at startup.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Crixo Guest
    Do anyone else thinks that the ps3 can do this and much more? Man, I hope the PS3 scene grows like hell, so we can emulate any console, jeje . Just kidding, Wii is a great console too, and I'm glad to see people that care about us and make all this happen, thank you all.

    See ya!!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Oh i hate the Wii but for Hombrew and new / cross comer like me it will be more easy to learn like to jump in into the ps3 matter.

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    Apr 2005
    Here is the 'Unsupported' WAD version as well.

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