It appears Electronic Arts isnít the only company with eyes fixed on the fabled Batman franchise. Publisher Eidos of Tomb Raider fame, which hold rights to make games based on the DC comic book series, has announced Batman: Arkham Asylum.

According to the latest issue of Game Informer, which has an exclusive cover story on the title, development duties are being handled by UK-based Rocksteady Games, most recently responsible for the 2006 first-person shooter Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

Furthermore, the Unreal Engine 3 powered Arkham Asylum is said to sport a "dark and gritty" visual style in line with BioShock, coupled with a story co-written by author Paul Dini.

This completely original title explores Gotham Cityís darkest location, the infamous Arkham Asylum. But as a routine prison transfer goes wrong, the Joker sets his demented plan into action and Batman comes face to face with an army of his worst enemies.

Scheduled for a 2009 release across multiple platforms (namely PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC), expect a media blast complete with screenshots when Eidos formally announces Batman: Arkham Asylum in the coming weeks. More PlayStation 3 News...