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    Future Closes PSW Magazine, Focus Shifts to OPM and PSM3

    Future Publishing has confirmed that it is closing PSW Magazine due to decreasing demand.

    The company now plans to focus their efforts on the official PlayStation Magazine and PSM3.

    To quote: "It's always incredibly sad when we close a title as established as PSW, but the decision was taken in response to decreasing demand," games portfolio publishing director James Binns explained.

    "By focusing our efforts on Official PlayStation Magazine and a single independent PlayStation title in PSM3, we can strengthen our position in delivering the number one and number two print titles in the sector.

    "We continue to invest in our traditional print brands, but games is a rapidly changing sector, so our portfolio needs to constantly evolve to meet the needs of consumers in a vibrant and diverse market."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    I had read (or I think I've read) this magazine once.. and it was really good ... too bad that it's closed...

    Anyway... every bossiness has to make profit and maybe this one didn't.. and this is the way of CAPITALISM! :

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