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    Apr 2005

    FreeBOOT v0.2 Allows Running Unsigned XEX Files on XBox 360!

    Today some HOT news in the XBox 360 scene has surfaced... ikari has released FreeBOOT v0.2 which allows users to run unsigned XEX files on their XBox 360 consoles... this essentially renders the dev boxes useless, so keep an eye on eBay for price drops soon. ;)

    Download: FreeBOOT v0.2 / FreeBOOT v0.2 [Mirror]

    From the ReadMe file: FreeBOOT is a rebooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360. This version of freeBOOT allows you to reboot into kernel 2.0.8955 on all Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon, and Jasper consoles with 16MB flashes, which are vulnerable to the JTAG hack.

    Support for Opus and Jasper consoles with larger flashes will follow soon. As freeBOOT needs a second flash memory to store kernel 2.0.8955 and associated data, either a Cygnos360 or an xD card mod is required at the moment.

    Bug Fixes:

    - Harddisk installation and save game/profile issues have been fixed

    New Features:

    - Updated to kernel 8955
    - Additional support for Zephyr and Jasper consoles with 16MB flashes
    - Support for xD card mod and Cygnos360 V1 added
    - Harddisk authentication disabled. The Xbox 360 will now accept any SATA harddisk.
    - Removed XEX signature checks. Execution of unsigned devkit and retail XEXes is now possible. Encrypted
    - Devkit XEXes must be decrypted with XexTool prior to use.
    - Removed LIVE/PIRS signature checks. The dashboard will now run applications from unsigned LIVE/PIRS containers.
    - Extendable patch system - Researchers/hackers can now try new patches easily. Please refer to "srcpatches_kernel_8955.S" for more information.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CJPC Guest
    It's really about time this stuff starts coming out - things like this have been private for way too long, hopefully it will open up the XBOX a bit more. It makes things much easier to work with Microsoft's documentation (if your a licensed dev, of course) and tools than to do it from scratch.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Ahhh...REALL great

    As CJPC mentoined its so much time for it.I have to say thx to the one who made this for us common user available.By they way....im not hoppfull in the next question but is it possible to downgrade a newer FW x360 with desoldering the old and soldering a new flash with old kernel?

    Damn need to get hands on a reall old x360.Or maybe i should send my 3 unrepair able boxes to reball the GPU of them.

    To time i cant efford this machine and i dont know how profitable it will be to buy it next year

    Ok got my answer.It is possible even if the Efuses are blown to prevent this.But we will need the CPU Key.That means that we have to use the CPU Time attack to get the DVD and CPU Key out from the NAND.

    After that we could change the both keys with Hexedit and flash it back.Im not to 100% sure if this works on newer x360 but i will keep up searching and im sure that as soon as i can get hands on x360 of one of my frinds i will downgrade and maybe make a Double NAND mod to it.

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    effbee Guest
    If your 360 is updated to the 8xxx dashboard you can't do any of the current hacks, the bootloader has been fixed in 8xxx (Summer '09) update.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    But what about changing the whole nand and writte a new one?

    So the patch is within the FW? Not any where else?

    Becouse then it should work to use a new nand, patch a older fw with cpu key and flash that .bin onto it.

    I mean is a speciffic byte stored any where on the console, like the PS3 it hase?Or did they just block to downgrade the allready installed nand with this new FW on it?

    Better question would be: Is the bootloader stored in the NAND?If yes we won.

    Have done a little bit research and found out that as long the CPU Key is knowen this will work for sure.You than can patch a older FW to match your console, flash to new NAND and install to your console.

    But if the CPU key is not knowen then you cant optain it from a 8xxx kernel becouse the BC used for the time attack to dump the key is not useable for this.

    We would need a new methode to dump the keys on this kernel.

    By the way ive read that in future will come games on the x360 that request the newesd kernel and if not installed the game wont start.

    For what i remember back the 3 x360 cons ive hear are before the summer.I hope that one of them will be fixable.

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    GotNoUsername Guest

    I'm quite good at soldering and tried to understand how to get freeboot0.2 working.

    Why exactly do I need 2 Nad's ? What has to be on the first and on the second one ? Can not just modify the one on the original 360 board ?

    Or does one to have the JTAG Hack and one the modifies freeboot dashboard ? A TUT would be nice ^^

    PS: Is it possible to Use the 360 normally with an install JTAG Hack and on second NAD

    Is there a way to play iso's trait from HDD or USB Device ??

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    cfwprophet Guest
    SRY to be the bad guy but PLZ read the last posts about the x360 Main Board hacks. Not only FreeBoot.

    You only have to read the last 8 posts of this section and you will get your answers.

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    GotNoUsername Guest

    Jtag/ FreeBoot and DLC

    I have FreeBoot 0.02 running. I have Lost Odyssey running from HDD. Now I have found DLC in a zip.. Contains an folder with a lot of Nummbers and Letter eg. 234EDAFER5 or similar. What do I have to do get the DLC running? Where to put it? How to patch it.

    Thx a lot for your help.

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