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    Starlight Guest

    Four Mysteriously Mysterious Games!

    What happens to those games where they show a short video at E3 that gets everyone excited and then nothing is heard from them again?

    Like Duke Nukem and Prey, they've probably had to start over on a different set of technology as the original technology which at the time was mind-blowing no longer cuts it in today's age of High Definition, High Dynamic Range Lighting and more ragdoll physics than you can shake a Gravity Gun at!

    4. Alan Wake
    This little title was first shown off way back in 2005 at E3. Originally planned for PC, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 until Microsoft secured publishing rights to the title and made it a PC/360 exclusive. The title is from the same brains behind the Max Payne series.

    You are Alan Wake a writer who is suffering from insomnia after losing his wife, and I don't mean she died, she vanished. Seriously! He travels to a sleep clinic which is located in Bright Falls, Washington. His insomnia clears. He starts to use his dreams in his books but they become much more. Spooky stuff, Eh?

    How It Looks Today
    Time has taken it's toll on this beauty. While the lighting and atmosphere looks amazing, the environment looks a little sterile and fails when compared to the likes of Grand Theft Auto 4. The forests look amazing but the same can't be said for the small town roads. With no firm date set and the amount of time this game has been in-development this may all be different there hasn't exactly been a flood of information on Alan Wake.

    3. Huxley
    Huxley is aiming to crack the MMOFPS, that's Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter, for those of you who aren't hip.There have only been a handful of MMOFPS shooters because it's a relatively new genre of game. Huxley looks like it aims to take it to the next level by allowing up to 150 per-side in some battles.

    Like Alan Wake, Huxley is for both the PC and Xbox 360, though the 360 version is expected a few months behind its PC counterpart. Details on game play are sparse but what is known is that the games built on Unreal Engine 3 and can handle between 5,000 and 10,000 people online.

    2. Duke Nukem
    This fellow slides in at number two simply because I wanted to be different and there has been a lot more information released about this game than what's going to be number one on the list. I think everyone on the Internet, nay EVERYONE should know about Duke Nukem Forever and the wait which seems to be forever (get it?). The new trailer/teaser was released at the beginning of 2007, so there may be hope yet.

    1. Heavy Rain
    Nothing is really known about Heavy Rain. We do however know a little about the people behind the game, French developer Quantic Dream. They brought you Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy if you're in America. The game highlighted the users choice and this influncd how the game would progress, and how the game would end.

    Back to Heavy Rain. The game was shown of at E3 2006, or at least a tech demo. Below is that very tech demo. The game is using a propiatory engine and has some mind blowing features. The engine can have things like real-time tears, wrinkles on faces and even control over pupil dilatation. Crazy!

    All 4 videos can be seen linked above. Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Lieutenant Guest
    heavy rain looks so badass! oh, and i think you forgot to put 8 days on that list. (well they aren't making that game anymore so that sucks!

    but i still can't wait for heavy rain, this game seems very unique.

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