We are taking a look at four Hideo Kojima games that we would like to see resurrected. Now that Solid Snake's tale has come to an end, Hideo Kojima has plenty of time to dabble in the worlds outside of the Metal Gear universe.

After all, the man is no one trick pony; he has many other series' that fans of his would love to either see remakes of or better yet, new iterations. So without further ado, we present to you readers, the 4 games we would like to Mr. Kojima work on in the future.

Snatcher was a game that was doomed from the start here in North America. Not only did it debut at the end of the Sega CD's life, but hardly anyone bought the add-on resulting in poor sales. Yet, over the years, this cyber-punk adventure would gain a small cult following of hardcore Hideo Kojima fans. Snatcher was basically the video game adaptation of Blade Runner, centered on a "Runner" named Gillian Seed, an amnesiac new recruit of JUNKER.

It's the job of the Runners to hunt down "Snatchers", artificial life forms with the appearances of humans. It's up to Gillian to stop the Snatchers before they over run both Neo Kobe and the world. If players pay special attention to detail, they will notice a lot of Metal Gear Solid references, as well as ones to other Konami games. Gameplay in Snatcher is based on adventure/detective games where players use a menu to perform actions with the addition of action sequences which were presented in light-gun fashion. You hear that Mr. Kojima? This is the perfect game for the Nintendo DS.

Zone of the Enders
Mr. Kojima once said that he would love to do another Z.O.E. game, but he was too wrapped up in Metal Gear Solid 4 at the time. Now that he is finally finished maybe we'll start hearing something about this project in the near future. But for the uninitiated, Zone of the Enders is a further dabbling in the world of anime, only this time touching on high-speed Mecha combat. There are currently three games in the series, two for the PlayStation 2 and one for the Gameboy Advance, and two anime OVAs.

Each of the games presents their own themes ranging from loss of innocence to camaraderie and colonization. Where the PlayStation games focused on high-speed combat, the GBA iteration was more of turn-based strategy game. Unfortunately, all three games have poor sales records, but that doesn't stop Mr. Kojima from thinking ahead for the series, and with the platforms at his disposal, he can take the series in nearly any direction he wants.

The game very few North American fans had a chance to play, mainly because it was never translated to English; Policenauts has been cried out by fans for the longest time to be translated. Some fans have even taken it upon themselves to translate the game themselves, but we all know that hardly works out. An English version was in the works but was ultimately scrapped due to voice sync issues.

The plot followed a private investigator named Jonathan, who is investigating the murder of his former wife and the disappearance of her new husband. The game features many movie homage's, most notably to Lethal Weapon, in which the protagonists resemble both Mel Gibson and Danny Glover's characters respectively. Like Snatcher, Policenauts also features many game references and even a Metal Gear Solid character. Gameplay was based on point-and-clicking so again, this would be the perfect game for a Nintendo DS remake.

Kojima Productions can deny it all they want, Lunar Knights is a Boktai game, Solar Sensor or not. But if Kojima Productions are really that keen on keeping the two separate, how about a sequel to it then? The game received a lot of positive press and certainly warrants iteration. Why not another "true" Boktai game? Even a translation of the third game, the one that never came out here would be good enough. Yes, Mr. Kojima, your undead purifying, environmental puzzle solving series is calling out, so please let us pick up the Gun Del Sol just once more.

Screenshot below is of Zone of the Enders, and screenshot for the rest can be viewed at the link up top of this article!

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