News from FLATMII/125 USB Hard Drive/Pendrive/SD Addon, Enjoy the posibility of plug any USB Hard drive or SD storage media using NTFS/EXT2... Just connect the Flatzii to your Flatmii device and enjoy a new world of possibilities!

FLATZII Addon Module for FLATMII is the First USB 2.0 storage manager solution in the world for WII , enable your FLATMII device to manage different USB hard drives with your prefered Wii/Gamecube ISOS . Usint NTFS/EXT2 file system format,it's so simple as drag and drop .iso disc games inside your external USB hard drive from your PC or another storage source. Soon on your prefered retailer . Stay Tuned ! Coming soon.....
* Wii/Gamecube compatible
* Supports USB Hard drive/Pend/SD
* 4.1 and Up Firmware compatible
* Plug and Play easy installation
* NO Custom Ios required
* No drive/dvd required
* USB 2.0 HighSpeed
* Region Free & Update Blocker
* ISO control
* DVD/DL/Multigame compatible
* Supports ALL drives,D3 included
* USB & Jtag upgrades
* External ISOS control
* Cheap Retail price