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    gygabyte666 Guest
    Nothing personal but there are so many things in that article that I disagree with that I don't think there is enough room to post about it all on here.

    I have never seen this show that was spoken of, but I have been around in the gaming world for decades now. I've watched it evolve and change into what it is now and I admit, we have come a long way. I never would have imagined that we could be in an era where games look as good as real life, sometimes better. I have to argue though that simply because I grew up on games like the original Pac-man, asteroids and pitfall just to name a few, these will always be the best in my mind. Sure, when Mario and Zelda came into town, they stomped the hell out of the others instantly but it still doesn't change the fact that I loved that era in gaming.

    Now I know there are a lot of fans for the Xbox around and I don't want them to be offended but, the only thing I really hate about gaming now is that Microsoft is still in it. They have no business being here and although I admit they have created some nice things for their system, the rest of the time they have been doing nothing but changing the gaming world as I knew it and loved it to be. M$ has been stealing exclusives away from Sony left and right with their money. I don't know what irritates me more, M$ throwing their money around stealing exclusives from Sony, or the fact that Sony simply is trying to handle it without 'stooping to M$'s level'. Fact is, they almost need to. Seeing the Star Ocean series fly over to only Xbox pissed me over something fierce. The majority of the fan base for that series is on the PS3 and they brought it exclusively to Xbox. BULL!

    Anyway, I hate to make it seem like I would be one of the people who would cause an uproar over a lot of the stuff you mentioned but, I really kind of would. Most of that stuff has been near and dear to my heart since I was exposed to it and it most likely will always be that way. I'm also kind of biased too I believe so that is probably another reason that I would be one of the ones to consider the past as a 'golden age'. Things were simple then, now its always about the drama and who is gonna beat out who. It really kills the fun in the whole thing I think.

    M$ is making the devs care about money alone, not about gaming. That's why I believe that such a huge majority of games now just plain SUCK! Trophies/Achievements are the worst thing to have ever popped into gaming, cheap excuses for replay value for the lazy devs. I still use my Wii like 3 times as much as my PS3 simply because I can play all the older titles on it easier. All in all, like I said, i'm biased on this and nothing will ever change my mind or make me happier than playing my old games every now and then. If nothing else, if this is where the future of gaming is headed, I just want to see a dev do something 'old-school' about it.

    I would really love to see a 2D based game with decent but not over killed 3D effects pop out on the consoles. I would prefer that the game is released on PS3 to use up the full capacity of the Blu-Ray disc but i'm not gonna be picky about it. I would just really love to see a well known dev create an amazing game using the retro basis of old school gaming to make it successful. Good job writing the post, even though I said I disagree with most of it, I will still give you props over it because I know that probably took you awhile to type up. ^_^

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    Starlight Guest

    Big Grin

    Don't get me wrong as i love the old games as i was there before video gaming even started and play mostly all consoles back then to the ps2, as i don't own a next generation consoles, heck i still play sonic the hedgehog as it is great fun yet, played pong,squash,hockey on the old atari machine that if played to long on a picture tube would etch the game into the screen..aww those were the days and gaming was fun, today's games are not bad either--some of them and others just suck..

    But at least i was in my life time i was around before it started and will still see newer technology come out yet for gaming in the future.

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    sika Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tupacalissa View Post
    for me the snes-time was the golden age because i like rpg/adventure games and there is no other console with such a bunch of this game type.
    I totally agree with this, Snes was the Golden Age to me, even though i got the ps3 i still have to setup my snes every now and again to play Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana and much more.

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