Last week Square Enix has announced a new horror game for the Nintendo DS. Until now we only saw a couple of screenshots, but knew nothing about the story besides the fact it is similar to The Ring.

That's about to change as the first story details were translated from the game's official Web site.

Study of traverse region information:

It is my theory that, in addition to other media such as traditional culture, visual media, and audio media, the human psyche is also a form of media.

According to this theory, both the electrical signals used in the transfer of information in other media, and the active potential emitted by the cells of the human nervous system are equivalent, and that the mutual transfer of information without a physical connection, as in for example a wireless LAN, is also possible.

Southern [Minabe] University
Sociology faculty, modern sociology department
Houki Ohyama (*A character's name*)
Assistant Professor

"Once you play the game, you die within a week"
Rumors of a mysterious game that is suddenly sent to you one day... Friends laugh it off. "Just another of the same old urban legends."

Exactly when within a week, and in what manner does that that moment of death finally befall those who have played it?

A classmate of the protagonist no longer appears on campus, ever since he started playing the game.

Worried about him, the protagonist visits the classmate's home. What awaits there is an unimaginable scene, a gruesome event, and a mysterious game delivered to his own hand-held game system.

Now, there's no escape...

Can the protagonist unravel the mysteries of the game before death arrives?

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