OK now guys, I don't want you to have a heart attack, so hold your horses on this one, 'aight?

While we cannot (and I repeat, CAN NOT!) confirm this 100%, there is a good chance that the screens you're about to see are from the upcoming sequel for Crysis (we've found them here so don't throw your stones at us...).

If you've played the game, you already know that the landscapes are different from what Crytek included in the highly-praised (and hardware-consuming) FPS launched last year.

Yes, Crysis 2 still looks good (again, IF we're talking about Crysis 2 and not some modded maps in the SandBox editor), the bump mapping and the parallax occlusion mapping are still there in all their splendor. And for more juicy details about Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, check out this link.

Now enjoy them (potential) Crysis 2 screens that you've all been salivating for! (you know you did...) ;)

More screenshots available here.

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