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    Takavach Guest

    February 2009 NPD Numbers Give Sony Reason to Celebrate

    Sony was able to put two games on the top ten software sales chart in February, as well as sell a respectable amount of each of its systems. The big winner in software is Street Fighter IV, taking the number two and three slots on the Xbox 360 and PS3, respectively.

    The NPD gaming numbers are in, and February sales enjoyed a 10 percent bump over last year, while gaming enjoyed an 11 percent bump thus far this year.

    To quote: Sony has some great news this month, although the 360 still beat the PS3 in hardware sales. The PS3 sold 276,000 units, which is still a tiny drop from last year's 280,000. The PS2 sold 131,000 units, and the PSP sold 199,000 units. Three consoles, over 600,000 units shipped.

    What has to feel even better is that Sony did a good job of putting software up on the sales charts. The PS3 release of Street Fighter IV came in third place with 403,000 units sold, and Killzone 2 came in fifth place with 323,000 units sold. Very good numbers, two games in the top ten, and some evidence that Sony is starting to shift some serious software. Excellent news.

    All we need is to see that rumored price drop on the PS3 and some titles from that upcoming push of PSP software, and Sony could be doing some intense business in the market.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest


    What amazes me the most is the hype around Street Fighter 4! Well I'm not a fan of the combat genre, but still Street Fighter to beat Killzone? It makes me think what is the age of console players... Either over 30's and they morn after old style games or very young ones that like mashing buttons and put all kind of combos together!

    I had no interest in buying or playing SF4... AM I THAT DIFFERENT?? From all I read about Fighting games Soul Calibur 4 attracts me more than SF4 (Not that I'll buy that game either)

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    Karuto Guest
    Street Fighter IV came out February 17th. Killzone 2 came out February 27th. Killzone 2 sold 323,000 units in two days. I don't think there is real reason to complain about that.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    I agree, Street Fighter IV is way too overhyped. I love the Street Fighter franchise ever since Street Fighter II (yes i'm pretty old as well), but I seriously can't see why SF IV got such high scores, while they haven't changed anything actually to the gameplay.

    It's still button mashing, jumping and spam moves. Single player is ridiculously poor and short compared to for example a Soul Calibur 1 or 2. Sure it has a fresh look with the new graphics engine, but this game could have been released way earlier as well. It feels as if it's not finished or something.

    I find it hard to believe that reviewers rated Killzone 2 a lower score due to it's lack of story and "not bringing anything new to the genre" (wait, what!?), while Street Fighter is more generic then any other game out there, yet it got praised with 90's and 100's. A bit weird if you ask me, because if you look at the total picture of that game, it's really not worth that score when having these critical reviewer points next to you on a paper.

    Don't get me wrong Street Fighter IV is a great game, it's fun to play, but everything what Street Fighter IV did, any other fighting game such as Tekken or Soul Calibur did it better. It's that I could get SF IV for just 30,-, because I wouldn't have spend 65,- on it.

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    Darkskyva Guest
    ST4 will had 12days in feb thats why it sold that much and for KZ2 it only had 2 days so st4 will have more sells. but in long run KZ2 will sell more

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    sharks Guest
    I definitely agree that SF4 is way over-hyped. It's just a new engine with the same hit and damage style. What's there to root about? I think people just rated it out of reliving their old fond memories. Oh, and i have SF4. It gets boring after a few hours.

    All i think of to take the disc out and put it into the console, is that it's only good for multiplayer, to beat your friends into some embarrassing defeat or showing off your dexterity.

    As for KZ2.. well, it's just the best game ever. No need to dramatize here. KZ2 really is THE BEST at this time in gaming history, with its never-seen-before graphics and incredible game AI, and probably will stay at the very top until another PS3 exclusive steals its thunder with another layer of intensive graphics and better game engine (if that's even possible or noticeable for that matter, by the naked human eye). Oh, and i also have KZ2.

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    Veritech Guest
    I agree, SFIV should have had many more features and a much larger in-depth battle system. They just kept it basic to help boost sales leaving the hardcore players to perfect rediculousy hard timing combos that are just for show even if you can pull them off. The also made super and ultra combos unlinkable in many ways forcing advanced players to routinely pattern the combinations offered by the game instead of leaving room for activity.

    Killzone 2 on the other hand has set a standard for originality in many ways in the online shooter gnere, some good and bad. I believe this title has opened the imagination of other developers as well to think a bit more and obscure the mainstream. Excluding the controller configuration, we all know where that came from.

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