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    Farewell Analog TV, Make Way for the DTV Generation

    According to Yahoo news, TV stations began cutting their analog signals this morning, but many have opted to wait until the evening.

    That being said, if you still own an analog TV set and wish to continue using it be sure to drop by www.DTV2009.gov to get a coupon for the now-required converter box.

    There are also DTV FAQs available HERE and HERE for those interested.

    The only part I dislike about going digital is that portable TVs (such as the Sony Watchman) are now a thing of the past.

    To quote: Research firm SmithGeiger LLC said Thursday that about 2.2 million households were still unprepared around the beginning of June. Sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters, it surveyed 948 households that relied on antennas and found that 1 in 8 had not connected a digital TV or digital converter box.

    "We know some viewers will wait until the very last minute, or even after June 12, until they take action," said Paul Karpowicz, second vice chair of the television board of the NAB.

    Stations will start cutting their analog signals Friday morning, but many will wait until the evening. Nearly half of all U.S. stations have already ended analog transmissions, though most big-city stations have held off until Friday.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Yes indeed the usa goes digital today and so long to analogue tv and it will be a much better picture quality, but some people are stuck in their old way i bet, but they will have to change now..the way of the future is fast upon us in every way.

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