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    Starlight Guest

    Far Cry 2 Leaked Across the Net; XBox 360 Piracy on the Rise

    A picture (below) was released on the Internet yesterday of a retail copy of Far Cry 2. Many were skeptical on the legitimacy of the picture, but not too long afterwards more reports starting coming in that many Gamestop store managers have received copies of the game.

    Whether this is an actual broken release, date or just a manager being a bit cocky is still unclear. It wouldnít be a bad idea though to check your local retail stores tomorrow to see if you can sneak a copy out.

    If thatís not enough now we have yet ANOTHER batch of reports indicating that Far Cry 2 has been leaked onto the Internet. Which console you may ask? Well the 360 of course!

    The Xbox 360 has really been taking in a lot of early releases of games via torrents, and its quite ironic how these torrents are directed towards the 360 rather than the PC platform many developers consider to be a pirate jungle.

    At least this leak isnít as bad as Fallout 3 where the game is still a good two weeks away till release. :p More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I Kick Puppies Guest
    I was in Gamestop the other day trading three old lame games and had enough to fully preorder far cry 2. The guy showed me his promo copy for the 360, so yeah they got em.

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