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    Starlight Guest

    Far Cry 2 confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3

    Ubisoft confirms what's been expected for some time. Rumors of console versions of Ubisoft's upcoming Far Cry sequel have been doing the rounds almost since the game was first announced for PC, and today the France-based publisher has confirmed that Far Cry 2 is on the way to Xbox 360 and PS3.

    In development at Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry 2 is a next generation first-person shooter which hopes to immerse the player in an entirely new kind of gameplay experience. The game utilises a custom-made engine which has been built from the ground up, making it possible to deliver real open-world gameplay.

    Far Cry 2 is scheduled for release in Ubisoft's fiscal 2008-2009 (the 12-month period beginning April 2008).

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    d4ny Guest
    Are you sure that engine will be built from the ground?

    I have read on other games portal that Far Cry 2 will use Dunia engine, which is a modified verion of Yeti engine used for example in console version of GRAW 2.

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