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    wicked insanity Guest

    The Fallout from Fallout 3's Piracy

    The eagerly anticipated Fallout 3 is nearly upon us, yet a full three weeks before its release rapacious pigs cracked the game and offered it via various torrent sites.

    This is the third AAA title that has been hacked and cracked in as many months, leaving publishers frothing at the mouth as they consider even more draconian digital rights management.

    To the casual observer this may seem like an overzealous response to retain the vast sea of greenbacks the industry seems to float upon. And that certainly is a concern, after all Electronic Arts is not motivated from a position of altruism. This is about control of their product, control of their intellectual property, and control of the consumer.

    Flinchingly I have read DRM proponents scathing insinuation that, and Iím paraphrasing, that "nothing is safe! Nothing is sacred! We must protect ourselves at any cost!" Yet the price of that protectionism is at the expense of the consumer. Pirates care little for the mores of the videogame industry. However itís not the pirates that are feeling the brunt of the industryís wrath, itís us.

    Citing piracy concerns, EA slapped DRM restrictions on Spore that prohibited more than one installation per copy, turning it into a $60 rental. Yet that did not keep Spore from being cracked and on the day before its release.

    Activision recently pounced and monetarily mauled some assclown for distributing their wares on torrent, and rightfully so. Yet has their Torquemada approach to prosecuting infidels resulted in scaring away such a nebulous enemy? Perhaps, but not enough. Swinging a big stick in a fight is only good if you can find someone to hit with it and so far, itís been hit and miss.

    Fallout 3ís rape and pillage is unfortunate. Iíve interviewed Pete Hines and have gotten the distinct impression that this was a fellow who, along with a talented and motivated crew, created something worth spending my hard-earned money on. And I donít mind spending that $60 because A) I feel I am buying a superior product and B) spending that kind of jack will only encourage another Fallout title, but hopefully encourage the same stringent adherence to quality and making a game worthy of its namesake.

    The piracy of Fallout 3 is an unfortunate byproduct of the age we live in, a casualty of commerce. Yet itís not the rallying cry that DRM proponents are looking for. If anything itís a rude awakening that DRM isnít working as intended.

    Restrictive DRM that affects the end user will only drive off wary consumers and if nothing else, encourage reporters such as myself to call companies who employ it. Games shouldnít punish gamers. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    l00t3r Guest

    Piracy is piracy

    Piracy will always exist and will not be diminished, unless you make freeware and expect people to donate... but for as long as there are people that want to use pirated software, for whatever reason they may have, there always will be pirated software, it's like drugs... everyone says you shouldn't do it but I'm yet to see people stop using them.

    Anyways it's sad that software companies are punishing their customers and not the people they should...

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    sorceror Guest

    Dehydrated water.

    "Trying to make bits uncopyable is like trying to make water not wet. The sooner people accept this, and build business models that take this into account, the sooner people will start making money again." - Bruce Schneier

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