Retailer Trans World has said it will will be giving more catalog room to Blu-ray titles than HD-DVD and they plan to only order key new releases on HD-DVD. They say they don't want to be biased but this seems to be the direction that high-def production is going.

However they have said they will special order non key HD-DVD titles if a customer requests so. Trans World Entertainment Corporation is a chain of entertainment media retail stores, with 800 F.Y.E stores.

To quote: "We are waiting to hear more about what [HD DVD] hardware manufacturers decide to do, but I think one thing we can all agree on as retailers, is that consumer confusion is leading to a delay in buying a format," said Mark Higgins, Trans World VP of DVD, videogames and consumer electronics merchandising. "They don't want to buy into another Betamax. As retailers, we need to simplify things for the consumers as much as we can with merchandising one format. We don't want to be biased, but that is clearly the direction that high-def production looks to be going."

"Based on the way the playing field is shaping up, you'll see BD with more prominence in stores," said Victor Fuentes, VP and divisional merchandise manager at Hastings. He said it was because of "the sheer number of titles coming from the majority of studios that will be releasing titles in the format."

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