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    ESA and Canadian Police Crackdown on Counterfeit Video Games

    Earlier this year we reported that the Entertainment Software Association of Canada was seeking to jail pirates and target mod-chips.

    Today, the ESA has praised the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and York Police Service for a recent raid on retailers selling pirated software at Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario.

    To quote: After a two month investigation, authorities seized counterfeit manufacturing equipment and games, computer hard drives and DVD burners as well as nine fire arms.

    Three people were arrested for the scam that took place in one of the largest indoor shopping malls in North America.

    "We are pleased with the outcome of this legal action and thank the RCMP and York Police Service for their efforts in protecting the video game business in Canada," said Danielle Parr, executive director of the ESAC.

    "Game piracy is a serious problem that costs the entertainment software industry millions of dollars each year. Law enforcement raids against notorious pirate retailers like those in Pacific Mall send a clear message that trafficking in pirated game products is illegal and will not be tolerated."

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I live in the GTA and let me tell you Pacific Mall being targeted is not a good move because all it's going to do is slow piracy by an insignificant amount. The main pirated items being sold in Pacific Mall have generally been movies, those who were going to buy bootleg movies would just download them if the stores are shut down.

    On the other hand it will be an extreme inconvenience for those who need mod chips for legitimate reasons. I needed my PS2 modded and it was quite difficult finding anywhere in that mall to get it done because most places had been shut down or were afraid of being shut down. How can they even target mod chip sellers? I thought mod chips were perfectly legal here. It would be absolutely absurd if it is illegal.

    Regardless, all this is doing is wasting government money on an issue which is not significant right now considering all the other problems there are. Instead of trying to deal the collapsing economy they're trying to make the rich richer, great.

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