Today Eletronic Arts confirmed an event before E3, to showcase their new titles and more.

To quote, roughly translated: Electronic Arts disclosed that it will carry through a conference before the beginning of the E3 2009.

The presentation will be commanded by John Riccitiello, executive-head of Electronic Arts, and producers also will participate of the event to present the new games of the company.

For the days of the event, the EA promised for the journalists and visitors demonstrations you played of the following headings:

- "Brütal Legend"
- "Dead Space Extraction"
- "EA SPORTS Active"
- "EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis"
- "Fight Night Round 4"
- "G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra"
- "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"
- "Madden NFL 10"
- "MySims Agents"
- "Need will be Speed: Shift"
- "Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10"

Behind closed doors, in turn, the EA will show the following games:

- "Army of Two: The 40th Day"
- "Battlefield Bad Company 2"
- "Dragon Age Origins"
- "Dante's Hell"
- "FIFA 10"
- "Littlest Pet Shop Online"
- "Mass Effect 2"
- "NHL '10"

The E3 happens of 2 the 4 of June in Los Angeles.

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