Update: Rumor officially debunked. Cliff Bleszinski popped up on the NeoGAF boards to discredit these supposed EGM GoW2 details saying that whoever published this news is making it up. Thanks for the clarification Cliffy.

We've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of EGM's special July issue featuring Gears of War 2 awesomeness that's set to hit newsstands on June 3rd. But, if the rumors are true, we won't have to wait until June to get the new feature reveals, because a helpful EGM subscriber claims to have already received his July issue and has spilled all the exclusive Gears 2 deets.

Over on the GameSpot forums, member Prosecut0rGodot claims to have already received a copy of EGM's July issue and posted a recap of all the new Gears 2 details that were revealed. If true, EGM is said to reveal new GoW2 features including co-op specific cut-scenes and decisions that'll affect the game's ending, a brand new stamina bar has been added and will dictate a player's performance, a never before seen "Acheron" Locust creature will make an appearance and two new multiplayer modes were announced including the chainsaws only "En-Garde" mode.

A few other goodies were supposedly revealed, so make your way towards the break to read the entire list of the rumored GoW2 info.

Campaign Details
- Co-op will allow each player to play at different difficulty levels.
- If the campaign is played in co-op, players will be treated to special cut scenes and decisions that'll ultimately lead to one of numerous endings.
- The campaign should take, on average, about 15 hours to complete.
- A new boss named "Acheron" is reveled and is described as a gargantuan mammoth that the Locusts use to take out vehicles.

Multiplayer and Gameplay Details
- A new stamina bar is introduced and will determine how far you can run and how long you can fight. In other words, if your stamina bar is low, your overall performance will be lowered as well.
- An "En-Garde" multiplayer mode is revealed and will feature nothing but chainsaw combat.
- Another multiplayer mode called "Ordeal" will be included where teams battle to be the first to score 100 enemy kills. Though, it isn't made clear if the kill count will be made up of opponent or AI kills.

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