With the recent boom in iPhone applications, it's no surprise that EA's UK marketing director has spoken of the firm's admiration for iPhone and iPod Touch as games consoles - and discussed whether they can rival DS and PSP.

To quote: Stuart Lang told CasualGaming.biz that the publisher feels it can 'shine' on the platform, by dedicating time and investment into first-party development.

He said: "We are very excited to be a part of this new platform and believe that this passion, combined with our development talent and some of the best entertainment intellectual property in the world, will enable us to shine in this environment."

The firm has seen particular success on the format with Spore Origins, which was awarded Editor's Choice from IGN and maintains a four star rating from Apple Users on the company's App Store.

Other popular titles from EA on iPod Touch include Scrabble and Tetris.

Lang went on to add: "Spore Origins uses the iPhone accelerometer, Scrabble leverages the touch feature and Tetris uses the touch feature. Our games that have been previously announced but not yet launched will also take advantage of these unique capabilities.

"The iPhone is first and foremost a communications device that has unique capabilities such as the accelerometer and touch screen to greatly enhance mobile gameplay.

"The iPhone has some similar game capabilities as platforms like the DS and PSP, but it is also unique because it is not a dedicated gaming device.

"We expect to see consumers of the DS and PSP clearly prioritise games over consumers who purchase an iPhone. Given that, we're seeing different usage patterns, and product consumption for each platform, and we are crafting our product offering accordingly," he concluded.

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