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    Starlight Guest

    EA: Mirror's Edge will not be a Timed Exclusive for PS3

    Previously a German Tech site quoted David Reeves from Leipzig as having stated that Mirror’s Edge would be a timed exclusive for the PS3... this came out of the blue for many people looking forward to the game and especially the Xbox 360/PC owners.

    To quote: "The PS3 will be continuously supplied with exclusive games: We are continuously, month after month publish new titles that bring something unique and different target groups. In a month, it is Gran Turismo, in the next SingStar, as well as Third-Party Title as mirrors Edge by Electronic Arts are part of this strategy. According to Reeves, Mirrors Edge will initially exclusively for the PS3 this year. PC and Xbox 360 versions would follow much later."

    EA however have declined this statement by the SCEE President with the following...

    Mirror’s Edge will be shipping this winter on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. Mirror’s Edge will not be a timed exclusive for PS3.

    Pretty clear. Now back to waiting impatiently for it’s release! :) More PlayStation 3 News...

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    snipersamurai Guest
    Great news for pc and 360 owners. Now if only EA had the sense to not have Rock Band 2 as a timed exclusive as well which will arguably be their biggest money spinner coming into the holiday season due in no part to the expense of the peripherals.

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