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    DVDX for System Menu 3.4 on the Nintendo Wii is Now Available

    Recently Sven has announced DVDX for System Menu 3.4 on the Nintendo Wii... simply download and extract it to your SD card. You should then be able to launch the installer from the Homebrew Channel.

    Download: DVDX for System Menu 3.4

    To quote: A few months ago we released a small, hidden channel called "DVDX" which essentially allowed homebrew to read DVDs on any Wii console without requiring hardware modifications.

    Since that release some things that you are probably all aware of have happened: Nintendo released an update that blocks the installation of fake-signed titles like The Homebrew Channel or said DVDX installer and we published a workaround for the Homebrew Channel one day later.

    However, we did neither have the time nor the intention to release a similar workaround for the DVDX installer since there certainly are better solutions to this problem and because we thought we would be able to release BootMii very soon. This was apparently not the case because we are still working on BootMii today.

    The only solution to get DVDX installed was to use questionable methods that are normally only used by pirates and definitely not recommended by us or, given that you were lucky, to use comex' installer while it still worked.

    There still seems to be a demand for a working installer though and I therefore decided to port our method of installing The Homebrew Channel to the DVDX installer. While doing this the "advanced" and the "patchmii" installation method had to be removed.

    They wouldn't be of any use anyways since there is no sane possibility to install a hacked IOS on an updated Wii. You can therefore only use this installer if you have a Wii without hardware modifications because it will force libdi to always use the so-called DVD video mode which is not supported by many modchips.

    I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for BootMii if you have a modchip without DVD support and want homebrew to be able to read your DVDs and if you did not install a hacked IOS and DVDX previously.

    Please note that this only is a temporary solution that was only released due to the high demand. It will be replaced with a better solution once BootMii is available.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Uh! There is a mistake in this post!

    Its very easy to DOWNGRADE your wii back to 3.2 <your region>. So this is very usefull!!

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    You would have to tell the blog who published it then.. specifically here: http://hackmii.com/2009/02/dvdx34/

    I'm not into Wii stuff myself, so we only go by what they write

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