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    compaqstud Guest

    Arrow dvd9 rockband and guitar hero shrinking to dvd5

    I have read many tutorials on different ways to shrink games but iam wondering which is the best way with no game loss with these guitar games i have had problems with songs not loading just freezes up but it's not all songs . i don't mind video quality to go down in bitrate just all the songs working if anyone has any help in this area cause i have yet to find one talking about any of the new guitar based games.

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    severus Guest


    try with Alcohol 120%

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    sharks Guest
    freezing might be a problem with your console itself, which i would assume is the xbox360? Never heard of freezing on the PS3 for that matter. maybe your xbox360 is dying? check at the back for temperature. make sure it's well ventilated.

    or it could be simpler, like scratched or damaged discs. at some certain points it's damaged so it doesn't load.

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    nwo Guest
    i just checked and it will work fine with alcohol 120, just try it.

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