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    Exross Guest

    DVD9 DL PS2 game back up with Swap Magic help?

    Hi there, this is my first post here. (Sorry for being like 3 years late.) The thing is that I actually managed to boot DVD9 backup of God of War 2 with Swap Magic method. Don't know if this is normal or not but the game starts... and can't read 2nd layer when it has to.

    My console is the infamous 90004 9A version (so AFAIK no can do for 'Free McBoot') and I use Swap Magic 3.6 to play backups. (No hard-modded chips, only soft mod.)

    Here's the sequence:

    1. Put in SM 3.6 DVD disk and start it.
    2. When asked to insert DVDloader (DVD version of CD loader) and boot it.
    3. Press square to make the region change (since my backup is PAL) and then press triangle to make the disc stop.
    4. Insert original DVD DL game with high TOC (in my case God of War 2 Pal disc).
    5. Press triangle to make the disc spin and make the loader recognise genuine PS2 disc. Then press X. When aksed to swap original disc with DVD DL copy using EA method and press X to boot.
    6. Game boots just fine but can't play 2nd layer.

    I tried both the 1:1 copy and the patched copy with Toxic Dual Layer. In first case console freezes when changing layers, in latter case (sorry for my bad and probably funny english but I don't know how to say it right) this something that carries laser lens constatly hits the center spinning core.

    So now I ask: is this normal and expected behaviour? I burnt the backup with Verbatim DVD+R DL (booked as DVD-ROM). Maybe I should try DVD-R DL media? Would it make any difference?

    Maybe someone would kindly reply.


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    shummyr Guest
    The only thing I can think of is try a virgin copy and do not modify in any way, for the dual layer game of your choice, if memory serves this is how I got dual layer games to run with swap magic...

    *Also Use Verbatim Disc*

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    Exross Guest
    Well, I tried it already (the "virgin copy" thing) but sadly it doesn't work. It hangs or goes to Black Screen of Death.

    Guess I'll just give up for now. Maybe some other time when I get my hands on the DVD-R DL discs, since they're probably a better solution. Now, however, they completely vanished. I cannot get them anywhere (not even a single store in my home town has them). And they are also very expensive (price is 2X DVD+R DL).

    I'll just go back to playing Dragon Age II. Thanks for reply anyway.

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