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    Apr 2005

    Domain Squatter Blackmails Infinity Ward Over Modern Warfare 4

    According to SPOnG.com (linked above), the forward-thinking ZiiP Gaming Community registered the domain ModernWarfare4.com and is now attempting to blackmail Infinity Ward by offering them the domain in exchange for copies of Modern Warfare 4 for all of their members.

    To quote: The message looks like this:

    "If you are reading this, you may well be the Web administrator for Infinity Ward.

    "If you are, there is a chance that you may well require this domain. Don't worry, you can have it - in exchange for a little 'good will gesture' for the little gaming community that owns this domain and has been playing your games for years.

    "What we'd like is a copy of the game that this domain would be used for, - one copy for each and every member of our gaming community.

    "If you wish to discuss this further, drop me an email - [email protected] or goto www.ziip.co.uk and leave a message to Jester.

    "Many Regards :)


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    zeroryu Guest
    That's either a good tactic, or just plain evil. I choose evil!

    I hope the deal is about service of online gaming support for all the registered ps3 users of that community. meaning, free dlc for every user. I think that's better in a long run and of course the game(if that's possible)

    However, i prefer paying up the game if it's worthed. Don't want some curse fall upon me by their black mages hahaha

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    This is a stupid plan by a bunch of idiots, first off the modern warfare 2 website is built on a subdomain: http://modernwarfare2.infinityward.com, and the modern warfare 4 will most probably be the same.

    Not to mention the fact that Modern Warfare 4 probably won't be released until 2013 that gives infinityward plenty of time to grab the domain back if they want.

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    rdreamernlcf Guest
    http://www.ModernWarefareIV.com/ is not taken.

    But yeah, it seems that the most obvious route would be to make it at http://modernwarfare4.infinityward.com

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    semitope Guest
    hmmm.... i need to go squat some domains. It takes proper forward thinking to be successful as a squatter you know

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    dagnillo Guest
    That's not blackmail, it's extortion. Whether it works or not will remain to be seen

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