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    negraoandre Guest

    Documentary Film 'Super Size Me' on YouTube in Full HD

    Last week the user cinetic posted the entire documentary film Super Size Me on YouTube in full HD.

    The caption reads: Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock makes himself a test subject in this documentary about the commercial food industry. Rigorously eating a diet of McDonald's fast food three times a day for a month straight, Spurlock is out to prove the physical and mental effects of consuming fast food.

    Spurlock also provides a look at the food culture in America through its schools, corporations, and politics as seen through the eyes of both ordinary citizens and health advocates.

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    Apr 2005

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    I have yet to see this, believe it or not, hehe. Perhaps I will check it out this weekend so THANKS for letting us know negraoandre and +Rep!

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    negraoandre Guest
    Sorry people, but the video is not in Full HD (1920x1080) but only in HD (480p or 720p).

    still is in excellent quality. enjoy

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    Dreamcatcher Guest
    How come when I order a big mac, it dont look so big!

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    BigBlarg Guest
    Where is it written HD? I've seen HQ, but not HD.

    Anyway, good movie

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    bigdave898 Guest
    Anyone see the extra scene with the guy that eats Big Macs everyday?

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