The September issue of EGM brought our editors face-to-face with some of Japan's most celebrated game developers, including PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya. Previously responsible for Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Okami, the former Capcom designer talked at length about his upcoming action game Bayonetta -- as well as his feelings about his competition. You can check out the full, extended interview in all its sexy glory right here.

You might recall our other big interview with former Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki, where the Ninja Gaiden creator unceremoniously rocked a Ninpo on Okami. In case you were wondering, here's why:

"I've never played Ninja Gaiden, and to be honest, I'm not that interested.

"The quality that gets you interested in something is that you feel something for them. Like on TV, or a movie, or a song, or whatever. You just feel something, and you get pulled into it, and then that's how you pick something up. But Ninja Gaiden just didn't have that power, so that's why I wasn't interested in it.

Kamiya also explained his opinion that the industry has failed to exceed the groundwork he laid with original Devil May Cry, complaining, "I don't know why the baton was dropped, but it is very true that I don't feel that anybody was like, 'Oh my god, this guy created a game like Devil May Cry. We have to create something better.' I never got that feeling from others, so I really don't know why no one picked up the baton."

The Bayonetta director wasn't all harsh words for his rivals in the action genre, however. He's been following one game in particular very closely, though the identity of said game might be a little surprising:

"But out of all those action titles, there's one game that I am paying really close attention to, that I think is a rival game, a good game, which is called God of War 3. So I guess they're working on the sequel? I want to make a game that exceeds God War's sequel. That's one title that I'm paying attention to.

"My impression is that it's very carefully made, the details are all carefully made. Devil May Cry was a bit rough, but I think that there's no roughness in God of War. I thinks that it's very well-made. So there's like a wall for your imagination or ideas, and when you're actually creating something, you don't even see the wall. But with GOW, I felt like I saw beyond the wall. So the GOW dev team's imagination and their ideas were like... beyond. That's something else that struck me.

And also, I feel a bit bad about talking like somebody who is evaluating a game. But I felt like they created the game in a very good way which managed to bring in the users, they gave you a huge impactful feeling right in the beginning, and just drew you into the game. So I'm very impressed that they made the game like that.

When the topic switched to his own project, Kamiya described Bayonetta as a very sexy action game, whereas Devil May Cry was more focused on looking cool. Getting that sexy look just right is proving to be a unique challenge, as Kamiya told us, "If I'm trying to express a move, I'll do it, but then all the team members are like, 'Hmm? We don't see it.'," he continued, "I'm usually picturing a steamy hot woman doing the move, and I'm trying to do that, but I'm not actually able to convey that to the team, so it sometimes doesn't get across to the team." And you thought you'd had some awkward moments at the office. More PlayStation 3 News...