Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi said back at E3 2007 that he wanted to make Devil May Cry 5 if Capcom let him.

This week Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto announced in a press release that Capcom's fiscal year 2008 sales increased to over 83 billion Yen ($806 million), in part thanks to Devil May Cry 4's record sales of over 2 million units worldwide since its early February 2008 release, making it the fastest selling Devil May Cry game so far and taking the entire series from 7 to 9 million sold.

It now seems all but certain Capcom wants a sequel with Mr. Tsujimoto closing off the PR by saying "We hope to continue meeting and exceeding the expectations of gamers with our dedication to developing solid titles for the best gaming platforms available."

Watch the full GameTrailers interview on video:


To quote Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi's words from last year: "Continuing the storyline is always possible. However, we do work under a corporate system, so unless Capcom gives us the green light to go ahead and continue on with releasing Devil May Cry 5, 6, 11, whatnot. It's totally up to them.

However, personally I would like to continue with Devil May Cry and create more and more games for this franchise. Devil May Cry 4 has turned out to be a very cool-looking stylish game for those that have a PS3 or a [Xbox] 360. If you don't buy Devil May Cry 4 you would think 'Why didn't I buy it?' There's no worth of having a PS3 or [Xbox] 360 without Devil May Cry 4. That's the kind of game it's going to turn out to be."

Maybe in the hack and slash, action game sequel they can explain the story behind the Devil Bringer!

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