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    IanJ Guest

    Deepnote Guitar Hero Bot just Trashed your High Scores

    For those of you not destined to become rock gods, Mechanized Rock may have just come to your rescue.
    Their Deepnote (named after Deepblue chess computer) actually watches the screen and plays the notes in perfect tune.

    Check out the link up top and the video below of this rocktastic 'bot and just pray it doesn't drink your beer, steal your girlfriend, and throw your TV from the bedroom window.

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    jinfactor Guest
    I'm definitely not destined to be a rock god, but I have to say that was a very impressive prototype. I'm not even close to being able to play on expert mode, but from what I saw in the vid, it's definitely not an easy feat.

    And add to the fact that the machine is actually watching the screen and timing the notes in real time is great. Deepnote was "only" able to get 99% of that song, but I'm sure they tweak it enough so that it'll get nothing but 100%.

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